Per form more. To our customers, this is a promise of high quality, fastest service and honesty. To our team it means ideology and work ethic.


It's all about the contacts. In this department they are made and cultivated. Here are the information about the product and the know-how about how it simplifies the work of our customer.

Efficiency is the key word. It's not about the mere sale. The exact equivalent of matching needs and tailored solutions of various "problems" of our customers have priority - or in other words: it’s about creating a sustainable win-win situation.

Key Account

Every project is a process and has its own solution. Trivia can become crucial and important things can lose priority. Here a cool head is required, to attend the customer’s wishes individually and flexible.

The team behind Ms Ekinci knows about the needs of our regular customers and the possibilities in production and shipping. She pulls the strings, knows every mannequin by name and is on hand with help and advice for everyone.

Creation & Production

Lacking coordination between creation and production? Not at MohrModels. Starting with the idea, via the master through to the finish – MohrModels is a one-stop shop. Sculptors, moulder, painter and laminators are working on-site.

Special wishes are everyday business, as not every customer is the same. The more different the clients, the more diverse are their orders. After extensive consultation with the development team led by owner Jan Wegener the first master figures are formed, which afterwards go straight into production. Simply everything here is “Made in Berlin”.


Packaging, transport, shipping. True coordination artists are working in our logistics department. From here - always in contact with the forwarding partners and transport companies - they send our models on great journeys. Destination customer.

But not only it is taken care of outbound supply here. The team also organizes the optimal in-house supply of the team with materials and the procurement of production equipment. Under the slogan: The right quantity, at the right place at the right time.