Worldwide delivery of E-Shop Models

MohrModels E-Shop Model

MohrModels presents the E-Shop Model: The first mannequin for professional work in the field of online visual merchandise. The Berlin-based company has repositioned itself with a patent for packshot mannequins and successfully serves the growing demand of online trading. With their E-Shop Model, the Berlin mannequin manufacturer responds to the rapid changes in the e-commerce segment.

Convincing visuals are the best shop displays and decision supports for customers and they should be part of every online shop. Interactive zoom, mouse-over, 360 degree view and videos: The more a customer can see of the product, the faster a customer will decide on a purchase.

At first glance, our E-Shop Model is reminiscent of a model kit in the shape of a human body. To obtain the desired packshot - depending on the garment - different necklines, belly cutouts and arm lengths can be adjusted by a simple magnetic click mechanism.

No second photo needed anymore to create the Hollow Man effect. Also the usual finishing touches at the neckline of the dress photographed can be omitted. This means, more opportunities in less time and a significant cost reduction for online shop owner, photographers and photo studios.