Window Mannequins To Buy

Shop windows and retail spaces are experience platforms. The task of mannequins is it to stage a brands fashion collection in the most stylish way and communicate it visually, according to the brand identity. If you buy a mannequin at MohrModels, we advise you in all matters relating to the design of your point of sale, starting with the right finish of the mannequin right through to the perfect assortment of sitting, standing and lying mannequins. We attach great importance to perfect proportions and optimal fit of our mannequins so that your fashion is perfectly staged.

Choose from a wide range of mannequins of various types – realistic, stylistic, with or without make up, female, male, children, dress forms or high quality torsi for a presentation of unique pieces. According to your wishes we offer special finishes and coatings. Even not available versions and individual colour requests we can produce in a timely manner, due to our in-house spray booth.