Now colour comes into play and into your product presentation. At MohrModels each mannequin can be coloured individually just as you like, due to our in-house spray booth.

Geared to the trends and your needs, next to classic colours even special finishes and coatings can be used. Soft coat, copper-pigmented paints or fluorescents dyes – choose from a wide range of variants and define your look & feel of your brand ambassadors.


Change desired. In addition to reworking and spraying of your mannequins, MohrModels offers another service. Not always a mannequin is damaged and needs rework. Sometimes our customers just want the models to look different or have special attachments and extras done by our team.

The subsequent installation of a bolt to the calf is equally possible as the exchange of arms and hands or the rework of a headless model to a realistic figure with make up and wig.


Bring us your old window mannequin and MohrModels will make it a top model! Every mannequin that needs a make over is going directly to our repair department. From broken fingers to stiff joints or bad cracks, any damage will be repaired quickly and for the long run – the manufacturer of the model makes no difference here. By using latest technologies, high-quality materials and with an eye for detail, old mannequins will be turned into new eye catching figures. 

New Development

It is not only new ideas that count, but corresponding techniques, materials and production methods. At MohrModels you will benefit from our wealth of experience in the field of mannequin development and design. With the help and support of our partners, we have the opportunity to use latest technologies, ranging from body scans and computer simulations to ecologically sustainable procedures in the material and colouring department.

A team of experienced professionals will lend you their support - from the initial idea, via production all the way through to distribution. That way, - with passion and attention for detail - your idea of a mannequin can turn into a unique brand ambassador.

Window Mannequins Service & Finish

Have your mannequins reworked at MohrModels and save yourself a new purchase. Through many years of experience and by using cutting-edge materials, we give your used mannequin a new and unique look, far from mainstream.

The reparation and rework of your window mannequins with damages and signs of usage will be done by using latest technologies, high-quality materials and topcoats in our Berlin production halls.

Even custom made designs are no challenge for us. We rearrange your window mannequins according to your preferred positions and realize individual surface finishing.

Next to mannequins we also refine decorative objects within your visual merchandise inventory as well as furniture and point of sale displays.